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IBM 72X8287 (VGA)

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Onboard IBM VGA chip used in PS/2 model 80 machines.


Info by equari : used on IBM 8580 Type 1 and 2 Planar boards with 386 cpu's. Chip is designated as Integrated 16-bit VGA display adapter (256 Kb, max. 320x200, 256 colours or 640x480, 16 colours).
Inmos IMSG171P-35 is 35MHz Ramdac designed to be compactible with IBM PS/2 VGA graphics systems. Datasheet is here.

Vlask's chip:

IBM 72X8287
IBM 72X8287
IBM 72X8287
IBM 72X8287 output
IBM 72X8287 output
IBM 72X8287 output

Additional Info

  • Made by: IBM
  • Bus: Integrated
  • Memory Size: 256kB
  • Max Memory Size: 256kB
  • Memory Type: DRAM
  • Year: 1987
  • Announce Date: Thursday, 02 April 1987
  • Card Type: VGA
  • Manufacturer: IBM
  • Owned by: Vlask (chip/not working)
  • Outputs: 15 pin D‐sub
  • Core Clock (MHz): 28
  • Sold by: IBM
  • Ramdac (MHz): 35
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# RE: IBM 72X8287Lee 2016-02-11 19:49
Apparently, IBM's 8-bit VGA for older machines used the 72X8287, so my guess is that this is the original (manufactured by IBM Microelectronics), and the 15F6864 is essentially the same thing, but manufactured on a cheaper process (note the all-plastic package and Epson "mountain" logo).

These are all basic VGAs that support 256k of RAM, 25.175 and 28.322 clocks, and 640x480 max.

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