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NCR CS00684

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Enhanced CGA card.


Could be from NCR PC8, but i'm not sure. Need more info. Probably CGA card.

Palcal's card:

(696) ASSY 902-0006092
(696) ASSY 902-0006092
(696) ASSY 902-0006092
(696) ASSY 902-0006092
(696) ASSY 902-0006092
(696) ASSY 902-0006092

Additional Info

  • Made by: NCR
  • Codename: CS00684
  • Bus: ISA 8bit
  • Memory Size: 128kB
  • Memory Type: DRAM
  • Year: 1986
  • Card Type: CGA
  • Owned by: Palcal
  • Outputs: 9 pin D‐sub
  • Sold by: NCR
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# RE: NCR CS00684st3250a 2015-05-09 10:10
I don't think that this card is from a PC-8.
The CGA- (or NGA-) Card on my PC-8 looks like this one:
# RE: NCR CS00684Vlask 2015-05-09 19:15
Hmm yours has date 1985. This one 1986. So its from one year later model or just updated new version.
# RE: NCR CS00684st3250a 2015-05-09 21:00
Does your card have an additional 15 pin D‐sub output for VGA?
The PC8 was sold with that proprietary CGA-Card from my picture (doublescan CGA, 640x400) and the corresponding monitor. (There is even a warning on the slot bracket of the card, not to use anything else than that special NCR-monitor.)
That's why I can't imagine they easily changed the whole package.

I would assign your card to a newer model of NCR. like PC 810 or PC 916.
( )
# RE: NCR CS00684Vlask 2015-05-09 23:31
Well its Palcals card, not mine :-| And hes got no time for collection now (last time hes been talking about hundreds of cards to add). But when i look at back side of card, i see that both connectors are same 9pin headers. Model number of PC i guessed by year. Nothing exact. These minor companies are hard to get info about same as most cards from 80's.

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